The wisdom of the Cyclical Body

How would it be to feel home and powerful in the cyclical rhythm of your body?

To feel the rightness and the dignity of embodying your deep cyclical nature and multilayered constitution (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) as a woman?
To connect with your menstrual cycle as the powerful medecine you are encoded with and that leads you toward your deep essence and Call?
This weekend workshop is an invitation to explore and connect with the waves and tides of your body rhythm, embracing the power of the constant changes and transformations that guide your life as a woman.

Join us in a women circle to unleash the wisdom held in our depths, connecting with the gifts and insigths our cyclical body whispers to us.

Women of all ages are welcome!

In this workshop we will:
  • learn about the different initiatory stages in women life
  • explore the different energies you're going through during your cycle and how to navigate and cooperate with them in your unique way to release your potential and meet your Call
  • explore the the deep wisdom and healing capacities of your body through Deep Inner Movement, Instinctive Coordination and Womb Yoga
  • explore the hearth-womb connection
  • celebrate with other women the pleasure of being a woman and the healing power of sisterhood
our tool : circle work, meditation, inner body movement, deep body listening, drawing

what to bring: notebook, colors, comfortable clothest.

Der Workshop findet auf englisch statt! Eine Übersetzung kann gestellt werden, wenn Teile nicht verstanden werden!

Dozentin Marta Mezzino

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